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Hi, my name is Ford. I have written a book and created this blog to initiate a most enigmatic conversation. A conversation that many of you, like me, have waited a lifetime to have. A conversation that because of various dogmatic features of our society we felt ashamed for exploring. The thoughts and questions were always there, but because of guilt, lack of understanding, and support we have been stifling those questions. Now all of that ends.

Though we are all "One" in a higher conscious self, we have divided ourselves into many for the purposes of exploring various aspects of our own imagination. I encourage "Other Me's" out there to participate in this blog and share your own thoughts on the meaning of life, the nature of consciousness, and your discovery of the true nature of reality.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Emerging From The Rabbit Hole

There’s a strange thing about coming out of the rabbit hole, and that is how surprisingly fast time itself seems to speed up.  Far more than that feeling of “Wow, the day really went fast...”, this feeling completely blows your mind and is more like, “Wow, I have absolutely no idea what month this is”.  There are less things to focus on the more still you become, less things to measure your life by in any sense of time, task or accomplishment. The moment just is, timeless and forgiving; and you begin to experience it as such, falling into equilibrium with the rhythm and vibration of being alive and aware.

I wasn’t exactly searching for a “still point” when I found it. The still point just sort of found me.  Over weeks it wrapped its arms around me slowly, so that my ego didn’t see it coming. Without warning it was too late to be deflective and there      it was.

I can’t say there was a definite point of “Wow, this is the still point!”, it begins more as a state of mind embedded within your everyday life. The vibrations of influence that reality seemingly brings you become so minimal, it is as though you are in meditation for days on end. Except for the occasional thoughts or conversations with my wife about consciousness, and our understanding of a single mind reality, “my mind” was a void.  There was no desire at all.  If I wanted to sleep, I slept.  If I wanted to work, I worked, If I wanted to eat I would eat, If I wanted to meditate, I meditated. Aside from a few minor business dealings, and music productions, I was free.

Up until this point my normal routine was not that of a person free of responsibility.  I unfortunately, still believed that Ford has a mortgage and bills and a job.  But the more still I became, the less life required of me and the more life became automatic.  Things that used to completely stress me out before, became effortless and were addressed with absolute integrity, but required minimal attention or diversion from my constant state of peace. Money just started flowing in from all kinds of revenue streams.  I even picked up additional clients and the financial concerns I had been feeling minimized their vibration of influence over me.

Everyday, I would have the most amazing day and in the midst of my bliss, I would find myself becoming automatically grateful for the experience. I would laugh and ask myself “Could tomorrow be just as simple and easy as today was?”  With the easiest of ease, tomorrow came and went and it was so easy, before I knew it 4 days had passed.  This is what I noticed most, that time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.

It’s been over a year and a half of primarily “living in the now” since I last posted to this blog.  Promoting this book and spreading this message was at one time in my life the most important thing in the world to me.  But over time, that need for anyone to understand my way of being has faded.  Bliss did not require anyones understanding but my own.

As I began to surface from the rabbit hole that I like to call “Modern domesticated human life”, it was as though I was reaching the surface of the water from the depths of an abyss.  There was a feeling of being able to breathe, and a tremendous feeling of decompression. All of my thought patterns were different. Calm became the norm and my emotions were replaced with a kind of emptiness.  I did not feel overly joyful, but more so like a dull numbness that slowly grew into the purest sense of joy and gratitude I have ever known. I became simply grateful for how truly amazing life is.  Grateful over the miracle that is taking place in every single moment. “Wow” became my new favorite word.

The climax of the experience was to simply look around at all of the beings playing the role of “Basic Modern Domesticated Human” and completely loosing myself in the amazement that “I” used to be one of “them”,  habitually unaware, in spite of all good intentions.   Over several months it seemed the wow factor and humor of this slowly transformed, at first into anger and frustration with how egoic people are as a species. My perspective then slowly shifted into disappointment in humanity and in individuals for their lack of consideration and understanding of balance and integrity.  This frustration continued to grow until I could see the truth in it.  They are not aware of what they do; and upon this realization, I could feel nothing but compassion for them.  “Oh my god…”, I thought to myself, “they really don’t see what has become so obvious to me!”

All of this started in the most bizarre way, and I never could have dreamed the implications that just changing a few habits would lead to. It started from a conscious decision not to answer my cell phone every time it rang.  I stopped checking e-mails 20-30 times a day, and instead I checked it 5 times a day (as this is my primary window to the world and source of income).  I stopped watching television, I stopped investing my time in news and gossip. I stopped seeing friends, not because I was angry with them or because I wanted them out of my life, but because I wanted to focus all of my spare time reflecting inward and on my spiritual practice. I could no longer justify wasting my precious time and energy on meaningless conversation and superficial interests. I realized that life is too short for anything that doesn’t make me feel good or that doesn’t help me to grow as a conscious being.  From a single conscious choice, a choice to focus on “my self” instead of serving the whimsical needs of reality, I immediately noticed a difference in my life.  In what seemed like only a few months at most, a year and a half slipped by, gone like a thief in the night.  Time did not matter though, nothing mattered except for maintaining the peace and tranquility.

A friend once told me that the grass may appear greener on the other side, but if you move away from the proverbial fence far enough, the grass is brown and dead on both sides.  As wonderful as the bliss is, even this bliss comes at a price. Out of boredom, desires slowly started to creep back in. I noticed my thoughts begin to wander into “what ifs’…” again.   Another thing I noticed, was that although the stillness fed my soul, it also shuts out the drama that feeds inspiration, creating an artistic mental block.  As a composer and music producer, having a mental block was not a good thing.  Even though, I wrote the best songs of my career during this period, everything I wrote was about the bliss.  My music became beautiful, and almost church like, but one dimensional. I also couldn’t help to notice feeling like I was retired.  Although everyday was beautiful, sometimes a little drama spices things up and keeps the game interesting. The realization of this came in to full view when I was suddenly asked to take my overdue vacation.  My wife and I thought about it for hours.  We could go pretty much anywhere in the world we wanted and still nothing we could come up with sounded better than home. We were both completely amazed by this.

So here I am, now.  I exist in a kind of daze of half awakened to the truth of reality and half-way sucked into it. I feel like a surfer, riding and balancing on the waves of the moment.  With the slightest shift in perspective I can make my world either spiritual and perfect as it already is, or allow myself to fall for the cosmic joke one more time and allow my ego to have a voice.  I have decided to take on life again, in small doses and under my terms.  I had thought about doing this for a while, but it is only now that I feel strong enough to wade through the currents and into the deep again.  Over the last few weeks, I have been re-inserting myself back into the world, back into my role as “Awakened human pretending to be lost”.  Music once again flows freely from me like it did when I was in my teens.  I feel like a kid again, re-charged, and with a brand new operating system that guides me every step of the way.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A funny thing happened

A funny thing happened. I met a gentleman, and after getting acquainted, he starts to tell me of a few funny coincidences that happened earlier and were leading up to the moment we met. He had a half crazed look on his face and said, "Now, please don't think I'm crazy or nothin' but you know when coincidences like that happen I start to pay attention." I looked at him and just smiled. I said, that not only was he not crazy, but that he had in fact just confessed his fears of being crazy to someone who had literally written the book on crazy thinking like that. I said that strings of coincidences when noticed are called synchronicity. This synchronicity when followed, will always lead you to where you are supposed to be in order to fulfill your ultimate desire. Continuing to follow them will ultimately lead you along the path - to the realization and implication of believing in synchronicity and thus, enlightenment.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Ego Trip

People often ask me what it is like to be enlightened, and more to the point, how they too can "become enlightened". The funny thing is, I do not feel like I am this "enlightened being". In fact, I don't think one can "be" fully enlightened and at the same time "be" here, within the ego manifested world we call reality. At best, at least from my perspective now, one can only have moments of clarity. For it is within these moments of clarity that we see the truth as it is revealed to us and we set a course for our ship. We also say a prayer, or intention, or a "hope" that one can hold onto this moment of clarity and enlightenment within the world of the ego and not steer the ship too off course through our actions before once again regaining our clarity.

Instead I tell people that I am presently on an Ego Trip. The fact that I am talking to them or reading their e-mail means that I have lost comfort with the present moment and that I have begun my search for more fulfillment within the ego generated reality of the present moment. Anyone with an open mind can find this clarity, and with that clarity they too are enlightened. The real talent is in holding onto this understanding, and in the midst of suffering recall the beauty and life that is the present moment.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Questions on Getting High

Tonight I got pretty high. Very high indeed and far, far away from any reality resembling life on planet earth. I centered myself, quieting all thoughts beyond the here and now and found myself floating in hysteria. Why is it that I comprehend and remember the now so clearly when I am in this state of being? Why do I allow the fears of just being still distract me to into this world we call reality? This is not my desire. This is not my intention. It is only now with my varying states of comprehension. Why is this comprehension dynamic?

Friday, April 30, 2010

FORD : Psychonaut

This new post is to announce the completion of my new album entitled Psychonaut. After I finished writing and publishing "Becoming God", I really didn't know what I wanted to do next. The biggest part of the Awareness process is the realization that you now have a responsibility (and a strong inner desire) to express and reflect the fractal nature of reality through all of ones actions. These reflections act as constant reminders to bring one back to the moment. Opposers to organized religion would call this dogma, which may be true, but if it helps me to regain the conscious awareness of the moment, then I am all for it.

Although I have been a professional record producer for years, Psychonaut is my first solo album. Every note on this album and every word of the album's song lyrics reflect higher consciousness and deep meaning. Listening to it is kind of like cliff notes to the book. The only thing is you have to read the book to fully grasp all of the meaning to the songs.

"FORD: Psychonaut" is now available at itunes, amazon, or anywhere you buy music. Check it out and drop me a review. iTunes: http://bit.ly/9v6tC6

Your Other Me

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vibrational Entrainment

My friend Jason wrote me the other day asking a question about peoples moods rubbing off on the people they are around. Jason noticed this very clearly when he put a new chicken with a great disposition in a coupe with his other chickens. He noticed that the other chickens began to have an improved disposition and asked how mechanically this transference might be happening.

The answer lies within the concept of Vibrational Entrainment and The Law of Attraction. If a person (or chicken in this case) is vibrating at a certain point, people who are around them who are vibrating similarly tend to raise their vibration rate (or "Attract" themselves towards) the person with the highest vibration in the room, in order to create a "harmony" or "unison" with that person.

People with the highest vibrations and, ironically the people with the lowest vibrations carry the strongest vibrations. Therefor, you really want to be careful of who you surround yourself with. Positive, enlightened people can raise you to their vibration rate and influence you and help you realize aspects of yourself in ways you can't imagine, and negative people (id ridden people) can bring you down to their vibration rate to a point that one would hardly recognize themselves. We have all experienced the power of this vibrational entrainment in a mob mentality. Different kinds of mobs brought together for different reasons can and will evoke different kinds of mob vibrations. This Vibrational Entrainment can also be experienced quite directly and clearly in Musical Harmonics and in Light Vibrations.

Please share any experiences you might have had with Vibrational Entrainment.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are Dreams other Parallel Realities?

This question was posted to me by my friend Dan the other day and this was my response:

Honestly, I haven't really figured dreams out yet. Well, I think that I may have them figured out, but the answer is not a very comfortable one. What if everything is right now, with no real context except for the imaginary context we give it when drifting away from the present moment? What if our current life is really no different from our dreams when we sleep. How do we know that the life we know isn't the result of being a part of just another dream? How do we know when we wake up that we aren't experiencing just another dream?

In our dreams, we are thrust into an experience with all of the context that a "real life" has. We accept the situation as real and we just go with the dream in any direction that it takes us. There are people in our dreams and they all have context to our lives. We may have never seen the person in the dream before, but in the context or "script" of the dream we accept and know the history of this person and why they came to be in the present experience.

How do we know that this is happening to us right now? How do I know that there really is a Dan out there? What is it that convinces me that you and I have history together or that I have even written a book which would justify this present electronic conversation? How do I know there is even a thing such as "the Internet" to which this message will be sent? All of the context of these things do not exist in the present moment, therefore, by definition, they are a figment of my own imagination. They become real only when I choose to make it real by pushing the send button with absolute faith that there is an internet system which will deliver this message and that there is a Dan who will receive it.

I'm not comfortable with this either and I welcome any other thoughts you might have.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mind Reality

Using the following link: The Mind Reality , listen to the FREE preview excerpt from the book, Chapter 8: The Mind Reality and post comments about your thoughts regarding this model for the collective mind. Have you seen the metaphors symmetrically reflected in your life? If so, tell us about your experiences.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is Self-Awareness ?

There is no matter as such. All matter (Atoms, sub-atomic particles, and everything that those things make up) is a supposition of the mind. Every physical thing you know, and non-physical thing (such as a thought form or memory) is a figment of your imagination within the realms of a conscious mind. This mind is divided into three states of rationalization:

The First level of consciousness is The Superconscious. Sometimes called the "Collective Conscious" or "Super Ego", this area is Everything. It is the hard drive, if you will, containing all of the information used to create all that we know. This is why I call it "God". In the Bible, God is said to be the essence of all things.

The Second level of consciousness is The Id. The Id represents nothing or eternal "Lack". This state of consciousness is set in direct opposition to the Superconscious mind of infinite all and abundance. The Id lacks, the Superconscious provides. It is this opposition that creates a stream of conscious thinking.

The Third level of consciousness is the Relative Conscious Mind, more often referred to as "The Ego". This level of consciousness acts both consciously and unconsciously (or Sub-consciously) and moves throughout the stream of consciousness. The job of The Ego is to analyze and interpret this stream of thought that flows from the Super-conscious Mind to the Id by asking, "How is this relative to me?". It does this through experience or "life". It is through life's experiences that we relate to our ideas physically through our bodies (which is a metaphor) as well as emotionally and cognitively.

The only way for "One" (The Relative Conscious Ego whom "you" or "I" has identified as "Me") to feel the full effects of this mechanism of consciousness, is to forget everything we know about the mechanics of the entire stream of consciousness. However, so not to completely forget, we leave clues and reminders for ourselves to aid us in "awakening" out of the conscious mind of the Ego and into the Sub-conscious mind who holds a view and identity of the "Self" as the entire process.

Becoming consciously aware of this mechanism is in fact, this process of "awakening" in which we call "Self-Awareness". By becoming aware of this stream of consciousness, one realizes that who they are extends far beyond the boundaries of the Relative Conscious mind. Furthermore, it is the realization that the Identity "I" expands across a stream of multiple levels of consciousness. It is this realization that many religions and various practices of spirituality have traditionally called Zen, Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, Kabbalah, etc....

All of this though, hardly defines Self-Awareness. This is because part of becoming Self-Aware is the understanding that, each time we forget and awaken to this process, the conscious system has then evolved into something new. It will do this forever, expanding and growing forever which is why we will forever be in the process of "Becoming God".

Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Do I say "Becoming God" ?

I get many letters from people eager to tell me that we are already God and therefore the title of this book is incorrect. I assure them that the title could not be more appropriate and here is why....

Yes, we are already everything (God). This book scrutinizes this ideology and dives deep into the process of Self-Awareness to this concept. Because everything is infinite, Awareness is a never ending process of unfolding "me", to which "you" and the person I see in the mirror, are merely beings created to offer different points of view to this unfolding process. In other words, "What am I?" is the question "I" will ask forever from different points of view.

It's hard to sum the book up into a sound bite, but what I am trying to say is that yes, we already are God, but we can never fully appreciate the gravity of this concept because Awareness itself is a never ending process. We will be forever unfolding, we will be forever in the process of Becoming God.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Response To Accusations that I am The Devil

Now and then I get letters from people who believe me to be "The Devil" manifested as the bible predicts, to reign in "The End of Days". Ironically, all of these people have chosen to judge this book by its cover, making accusations to me without reading any of the books content. The title of this book may be a bit striking, however, upon reading it you will discover that the title could not be more accurate. Below is my blanket statement to those who accuse me of either being the Devil himself or for acting on his behalf with this blasphemous book. I should point out that I have never received such accusations from anyone who has actually read the book.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

If you had ben born in Puskar India, you would be vehemently defending "The Bagavagita" for your inherited Hindu Religion. Had you been born in Napal you would be protecting your belief using quotations from "The Tibetan Book of The Dead" arguing on behalf of The Buddha. Had you been Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia you would be quoting me "The Koran".

The truth is we could be going back and fourth until the end of time between our differences in interpretation of the Bible. We could also agree to disagree and do nothing to elevate consciousness beyond the frustration and horrors that this ongoing argument has brought this world for a millennia. Instead, I propose that we have a choice. We have a choice to recognize the common ground that we can agree on or we can continue to argue about the details, that are hardly the question, forever. Recognizing that we have a choice is in itself, a higher state of consciousness.

This book is about pointing out the similarities and the common ground between all religions and all sciences. How remarkable is it that science is now concluding that the answer to the questions we have searched for, for over a millennia, are finally becoming knowable? How remarkable is it that the answers collaborate nicely with our most cherished and celebrated religions? How fantastic is it that these revelations in science are taking place coincidently at the exact time EVERY organized religion has claimed to be either "the end of days" or some other drastic shift in human consciousness or shift on the planet Earth? Finding the common ground between Religion and Science has been an ongoing battle for centuries. At last, this commonality seems to be at hand. Perhaps this commonality can be the thread of which opposing religions can find common ground as well. It has become clear to me that there is far more to agree on than there is to disagree on. Isn't better to start by looking at the glass half full rather than half empty? The truth is there is not a theologian alive of any religion who would commit to defining God into a single form. God is beyond all form, including thought form and thus defining God for the sake of any single religion is something that cannot be done within the confines of our present human consciousness.

To be like Christ, one needs to be a rebel like him. Christ was vehemently against all organized religions. He fought against religion pronouncing that The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand within the here and now - and that all we had to do to find it is to believe. Jesus told us to "Love thy true self (God)" and to "Love your neighbor as thyself (as God)" Jesus taught us to be tolerant of those who did not believe, Forgive them, for they know not what they do and Jesus taught us to become more self-less. 560 years before Christ said these things Buddha spoke of these same concepts. Buddha laughed at his deciples for writing down his teachings, telling them that by writing it down and conceptualizing it they had missed the point entirely. Isn't this common ground? Before Buddha, the ancient teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah resonated these same sentiments. 500 years before either of them, Lao Tzu wrote of these concepts in the "Tao Te Ching" and the Aborigine spoke of it 45,000 years before Lao Tzu in their religion, "The Dreamtime".

Who said it first or who said it best doesn't make a difference because this isn't a competition. The point is all of our prophets said the same thing. More importantly, these lessons are simply metaphors for you and you alone to guide you in your quest for higher consciousness. These lessons come to us within every religion, but in order to get the lesson in its purity you have to be willing to sift through the endless dogmatic details layered on by those bent on proving that their invisible man is the most powerful. No religion is free of dogma, and no single religion has all of the pieces to the puzzle.

If you are searching for The Devil, I would suggest looking inward. I would start by examining the never ending details of this world, details created by an ego who is justifying its existence and fighting to retain its identity. It is our own ego, not the Devil, who has us convinced that we are an identity that is separate from our source. This separation is an illusion, this illusion is original sin.

Some are not ready for this message but many are. For whatever reason a passion for self-awareness is resonating with millions of perspectives such as myself. If it isn't resonating with you, this letter is probably just going to anger you. But I suspect that it is resonating with you otherwise you wouldn't have contacted me. Go with that curiosity and think outside of the box for a minute. Explore new ideas without comparing them to your own predispositioned beliefs. Eventually you will find that spark and you will never be the same again. You will know and feel what Jesus was talking about and you will understand why Buddha enjoyed such a heart filled belly laugh.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


After writing my first book, I started to gain an interest in Zen Buddhism. Although I am against any kind of Dogmatic structure to higher consciousness (just as Buddha was when he laughed at his disciples for writing his teachings down) I found the idea of ZEN to be 100% on target with the meaning of life.

In all of my study, I can tell you with confidence now that ZEN is really quite simple. ZEN is the Understanding and Awareness of your reality as it is right "NOW". "Now" for everyone is a beautiful and happy place. The truth is, unless you are on fire, "Now" is the happiest place in the world once you see it for what it is. If you are presently on fire, "now" might not be too pleasant but rest assure, Nirvana will soon come to the rescue.

The other part of the apprehension of ZEN is in the recognition of your waking thoughts just as in meditation. Understand that your reality is a reflection of your thoughts and how you feel about those thoughts. Understanding this and more importantly truly believing this, will give you a completely different view of the world. You will recognize yourself as the creator and you can then ponder over why the world around you is as it seems. You can ask yourself, why you would I manifest certain ideas into existence? You can then understand that if you don't like the world around you, change it from within.

Upon recognizing these thoughts you will soon realize that life itself is a beautiful ballet between finding Self-Worth (loving yourself, receiving) and Appreciation (gratitude for the experience, giving). It is when we are not in balance with this understanding that the world in front of our eyes seemingly becomes unpleasant. It isn't, because "now" is always a beautiful place. Within that apprehension, you will regain your balance.

If you accomplish this, there is really no need to meditate, because you are always meditating. You are constantly aware of your thoughts and it is through that awareness you can choose which details to focus on. If you only focus on happiness, The Law of Attraction has shown us time and again that the universe will continue to provide happiness. No matter what.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for, "Becoming God." I received your novel just over one year ago. The impact that you and your words have had on me have been... miraculous. I not only was able to keep my faith... it is now, tangible, concrete and validated. I am privileged to know you. I think of you, daily. I wish everything for you.
My best,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Metaphors - Signs- Coincidences

Not long after "Becoming Aware" the "Signs from God", or "Signs from My Higher Conscious Self" started appearing in my life. Miracles and coincidences that went way beyond any statistical probability. Unfortunately, just to keep the game interesting it seemed that they were miracles only recognizable by me; things that only I would notice and understand. I spent months thinking that I was "crazy" and grew very fearful that I might be loosing my mind. As the coincidences grew in their magnificence and in their regularity, I soon realized that I was not loosing my mind but was experiencing the harmonious synchronicity that comes with Becoming Aware. I realized that my "Fear" of loosing my mind was just that, a silly fear that had no control over me at all.

I have come to realize that the Coincidences, Deja Vu, and Signs were in fact, a kind of "Feed Back" recognizable to me now only because I was "In Tune" with the vibration of my Higher Conscious Self.

I invite you to share similar experiences.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Share Your Awareness Day

About a year and a half into writing this book I had my first of (so far) three "Awareness Days". Each of these days of ultimate recognition of the true nature of reality, left me awe struck, overwhelmed, disoriented and with a slight sense of panic. I can recall very vividly on the second "Awareness Day" feeling like I was drowning in my own reality, not being able to grasp hold of anything that was "real".

After a few days the negative aspects wore off and I found my self mentally swept away in this new appreciation for the magnitude, complexity and sheer graceful balance of the mechanism behind reality. It is within this appreciation that I find myself now. I'm in a perpetual state of awe which leaves me often unable to manage practically anything else in my life. I still long for answers to questions but the questions are answered with each new awareness, replaced by a set of new ones. I can only suspect that this will continue to go on as my conscious self continues the process of remembering what I truly am.

Since writing this book, I have been contacted by many of you who also have recently shared similar experiences. Some e-mails and phone calls come with a sense of urgency and panic, and some come to me in serenity. I invite you to share your personal "Awareness" stories here.