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Hi, my name is Ford. I have written a book and created this blog to initiate a most enigmatic conversation. A conversation that many of you, like me, have waited a lifetime to have. A conversation that because of various dogmatic features of our society we felt ashamed for exploring. The thoughts and questions were always there, but because of guilt, lack of understanding, and support we have been stifling those questions. Now all of that ends.

Though we are all "One" in a higher conscious self, we have divided ourselves into many for the purposes of exploring various aspects of our own imagination. I encourage "Other Me's" out there to participate in this blog and share your own thoughts on the meaning of life, the nature of consciousness, and your discovery of the true nature of reality.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Ego Trip

People often ask me what it is like to be enlightened, and more to the point, how they too can "become enlightened". The funny thing is, I do not feel like I am this "enlightened being". In fact, I don't think one can "be" fully enlightened and at the same time "be" here, within the ego manifested world we call reality. At best, at least from my perspective now, one can only have moments of clarity. For it is within these moments of clarity that we see the truth as it is revealed to us and we set a course for our ship. We also say a prayer, or intention, or a "hope" that one can hold onto this moment of clarity and enlightenment within the world of the ego and not steer the ship too off course through our actions before once again regaining our clarity.

Instead I tell people that I am presently on an Ego Trip. The fact that I am talking to them or reading their e-mail means that I have lost comfort with the present moment and that I have begun my search for more fulfillment within the ego generated reality of the present moment. Anyone with an open mind can find this clarity, and with that clarity they too are enlightened. The real talent is in holding onto this understanding, and in the midst of suffering recall the beauty and life that is the present moment.

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