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Hi, my name is Ford. I have written a book and created this blog to initiate a most enigmatic conversation. A conversation that many of you, like me, have waited a lifetime to have. A conversation that because of various dogmatic features of our society we felt ashamed for exploring. The thoughts and questions were always there, but because of guilt, lack of understanding, and support we have been stifling those questions. Now all of that ends.

Though we are all "One" in a higher conscious self, we have divided ourselves into many for the purposes of exploring various aspects of our own imagination. I encourage "Other Me's" out there to participate in this blog and share your own thoughts on the meaning of life, the nature of consciousness, and your discovery of the true nature of reality.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A funny thing happened

A funny thing happened. I met a gentleman, and after getting acquainted, he starts to tell me of a few funny coincidences that happened earlier and were leading up to the moment we met. He had a half crazed look on his face and said, "Now, please don't think I'm crazy or nothin' but you know when coincidences like that happen I start to pay attention." I looked at him and just smiled. I said, that not only was he not crazy, but that he had in fact just confessed his fears of being crazy to someone who had literally written the book on crazy thinking like that. I said that strings of coincidences when noticed are called synchronicity. This synchronicity when followed, will always lead you to where you are supposed to be in order to fulfill your ultimate desire. Continuing to follow them will ultimately lead you along the path - to the realization and implication of believing in synchronicity and thus, enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

when i noticed this happening i saw it as proof that we are all connected and FORD was right. not only did i notice it happening to me but those who i involved in my life would talk about those funny "coincidences". my awakening was so wonderful they began to feel it too. bc of the distance ive traveled to get where i am i didnt feel the need to try to explain it to them, i just stated that it was GODS connection to us all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ford, are you planning to update your blog?