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Hi, my name is Ford. I have written a book and created this blog to initiate a most enigmatic conversation. A conversation that many of you, like me, have waited a lifetime to have. A conversation that because of various dogmatic features of our society we felt ashamed for exploring. The thoughts and questions were always there, but because of guilt, lack of understanding, and support we have been stifling those questions. Now all of that ends.

Though we are all "One" in a higher conscious self, we have divided ourselves into many for the purposes of exploring various aspects of our own imagination. I encourage "Other Me's" out there to participate in this blog and share your own thoughts on the meaning of life, the nature of consciousness, and your discovery of the true nature of reality.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

FORD : Psychonaut

This new post is to announce the completion of my new album entitled Psychonaut. After I finished writing and publishing "Becoming God", I really didn't know what I wanted to do next. The biggest part of the Awareness process is the realization that you now have a responsibility (and a strong inner desire) to express and reflect the fractal nature of reality through all of ones actions. These reflections act as constant reminders to bring one back to the moment. Opposers to organized religion would call this dogma, which may be true, but if it helps me to regain the conscious awareness of the moment, then I am all for it.

Although I have been a professional record producer for years, Psychonaut is my first solo album. Every note on this album and every word of the album's song lyrics reflect higher consciousness and deep meaning. Listening to it is kind of like cliff notes to the book. The only thing is you have to read the book to fully grasp all of the meaning to the songs.

"FORD: Psychonaut" is now available at itunes, amazon, or anywhere you buy music. Check it out and drop me a review. iTunes: http://bit.ly/9v6tC6

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