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Hi, my name is Ford. I have written a book and created this blog to initiate a most enigmatic conversation. A conversation that many of you, like me, have waited a lifetime to have. A conversation that because of various dogmatic features of our society we felt ashamed for exploring. The thoughts and questions were always there, but because of guilt, lack of understanding, and support we have been stifling those questions. Now all of that ends.

Though we are all "One" in a higher conscious self, we have divided ourselves into many for the purposes of exploring various aspects of our own imagination. I encourage "Other Me's" out there to participate in this blog and share your own thoughts on the meaning of life, the nature of consciousness, and your discovery of the true nature of reality.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Questions on Getting High

Tonight I got pretty high. Very high indeed and far, far away from any reality resembling life on planet earth. I centered myself, quieting all thoughts beyond the here and now and found myself floating in hysteria. Why is it that I comprehend and remember the now so clearly when I am in this state of being? Why do I allow the fears of just being still distract me to into this world we call reality? This is not my desire. This is not my intention. It is only now with my varying states of comprehension. Why is this comprehension dynamic?


SuperiorEd said...
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Anonymous said...

if you truly wanted everyone to read your profound and prophetic book, you would write it in a universal language called love and you would not charge for it

FORD said...

Dear Anonymous,

Profound indeed, at least from my perspective, and written in the language of love too. The most beautiful part of this book is that although it was written from the perspective of doubt, it is the perfect description of Christ Consciousness, the endearing, loving, self-less consciousness that lies dormant at the core of every perspective. It is this consciousness that has awoken within me while writing it.

I charge for the book, for several different reasons: The first reason is that it affords me the luxury to keep this conversation alive in my life all day, everyday whenever I feel the need to be reminded of the beauty within.

The second reason I charge for it is because one seldom appreciates something that does not carry with it a monetary value. Monetary value is a form of energy. I desire for anything that I create to be released with as much self-worth and energy that I can muster. It is this energy and value that penetrates the doubtful mind. If it were given freely, the value of it is decreased. Without value, these highly contradictory thoughts stand little chance of being accepted as truth.

I actually give digital copies of the book away all of the time. I'll give one to you if you ask for it.